Hamd lyrics in EnglishHamd lyrics in English

Hamd Lyrics in English of Allah hoo Allah hoo, اللہ ہواللہ ہواللہ ہو are provided in Three Languages. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan performs this Hamd with his renowned, melodic voice, which is adored by millions of listeners worldwide. In order for you to sync with the lyrics, I’ve also embedded the YouTube video following the lyrics.

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Naat Lyrics and Translate in English Allah hoo Allah hoo

Ruler of the world, the soul of my blood
The promised one, there is nothing but you
Every great scholar is your student
In every scent, there is nothing but you
Creator of and worshipped by both worlds
Each thing is witness to your manifestation
On everyone’s lips is your prayer
In every chord, every song is your presence
Each beginning is with your name
With your name ends everything
Your praise is ‘praise be to Allah’
That you are the God of my Mohammad
When this earth and world did not exist
When there was no moon, sun, or sky
When the secret of the truth was still unknown
When there was nothing, there was you
The whole lot is a reflection of your glory
The lot cries out that you are the Lord
It is the distinction of your enthralling visage
You are the unrivaled Lord of the Universe
You who show new beauty every instant
Surprises even those who yearn for more
Every sapling sings of your creation
Every leaf is a signature of your nature
My God, you are the splendor you promised
You are the curiosity, you are the desire
The light of my eyes, the voice of my heart
You were, you are, and will be only you
You are everything, what is the argument in this
The whole world is searching only for you
Even as your magnificence is in every corner
You are in my blood, Lord of the world

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Allah hoo Allah hoo Lyrics
Allah hoo Allah hoo Lyrics In English