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One of Pakistan’s most well-known Naat Reciters, Abdul Rauf Rufi attained excellent popularity early. He changed people’s lives by presenting the beautiful Sana Khawani. Because of his unique Naat recitation style, he rose to global fame. Many other nations, in addition to Pakistan, also admire his words. His name became well-known and he started to be known as one of the greatest naat reciters just five years after he started. For his great performance, the Pakistani government also gave him the Best Naat Khawan Award.


Name Prof Adul Rauf Rufi
Occupation Poet, Professor (Rural sociology), Naat Reciter (Naat Khawan)
Favourite Color Black, White
Birth-Place Faisalabad
Naat Reciting Languages Urdu, Arabic, Punjabi
Marital Status Married in 1986
Children Two Children: one son, one daughter
Achievement Pride of Performance in 2005


Naat Khawan Professor Abdul Rauf Rufi (Urdu: پروفیسر عبد الرؤف روفی ) belongs from Pakistan. He is born and raised in Faisalabad. Over the years, he has published a number of albums full of Naat’s. This is a first naat he said hi early in 1995 “Bus Apne Dil Main Madine Ki Arzoo Rakhna”.He recite more than 400 naat’s in his whole career. A number of his naats, including “Meetha Meetha Hai Mere Muhammad Ka Naam,” written by Hafiz Muhammad hussain hafiz “Aane Walo Yeh Tau Batao,” and “Shah-e-Madina,” have achieved widespread renown. They rank him as one of Pakistan’s most prominent Naat Khawans. His best name friend name Dr. Mahmood A.Randhawa.

In the light of which, a slew of up-and-coming naat khawans began performing it. In addition to being a naat khawan, Abdul Rauf Rufi is also a naat writer and poet. Professionally, Abdul Rauf Rufi works as a professor in the subject of education. His devotion to the Prophet Mohammad SAW is what drove him to pursue a profession in naat. His naats have remained popular throughout the decades. Instruments like the tabla and the daff provide a meditative undercurrent to his naats and hamds compositions.

Family History

Mother of Abdul Rauf Rufi was a religious person. His mother also loves reciting naat, and she used to arrange Milaad celebrations in her home for the neighborhood’s female residents. She kept a diary in which she recorded all the naats she deemed appropriate. He has married in 1986 and has two children one son and one daughter.


Abdul Rauf Rufi has been a Naat Khawan in Pakistan since the 1990s, and in that time he has gained the adoration of the Pakistani people. When performing Naats, he often plays a variety of instruments, including Arab percussion drums and traditional Pakistani Tabla, Dholak, and Dafli (Daf). In part because of this, he has gained widespread support in Pakistan.


The 2005 “Pride of Performance” award went to him. For his significant contribution to naats, he has been honoured with the country’s highest civilian honour. His naats are still widely known and revered in Pakistan. His input is invaluable to the development of naat khawani. If we want to build a solid foundation for future generations, we need to pay attention and honors his efforts. Having someone with such a stunning voice perform for us is a privilege we all share.